Pokemon GO hack, cheats and mods

Continues the victorious procession Pokemon GO in the gaming world. The players are very much loaded in leveling your pokemon and want to do it faster. In this article you will find some tips for the game, cheats and secrets.

Just a couple of days was enough for the game Pokemon TH that would capture the minds and consciousness of hundreds of millions of players. Now also a surprised strange guys who are doing something in the smartphone near the garbage cans, for example. But it will take a little time and all read from the same page and there will be peace and love. We have prepared a short review of programs which help hack mobile games on Android and iOS.

Will notice right away, I’ll give cracking programs and a brief description of their purpose. To go into the details of their installation and configuration will not. A detailed description must be sought on sites of developers.

A break-in fake GPS

The use of fake GPS is one of the most pressing issues with the game. Here don’t want to lose our people in towns and villages. Habit to sit in front of the monitor or smartphone has its. The developers have tried to make this game active with real tracking move the player around the map, but the craftsmen prepared their rounds for the main chips game.

Change GPS for iOS

In order to cheat the game and change the coordinates of your location on the map, sitting at home, there is a program PokemonGoAnywhere (requires Jailbreak). If you don’t have it, then you can use version JailedPokemonGoAnywhere.A break-in fake GPS

Install these apps on your IPhone and after starting the game you will get in the study mode, three buttons control the movement speed (2x, 4x), Walking, Patrolling. Choose the speed, push the walk and after the appearance of pokemon in the neighborhood, Patrolling. Attention! If you are using a Pokemon Go Anywhere the game crashes then download the app PokePatch, which allows you to hide the jailbreak the device.

LocationFaker (iOS 8/9) from Cydia — another program to install the left GPS Navigator. Need jailbreak, and the bugs in the game — you must use the PokePatch.

Change GPS for Android

Here suggest to use a program to Fake-GPS — has become very popular lately :). It also replaces the GPS coordinates conditional on, and you will be free to move on the fake map. To set a bit and enjoy it I did. But then banned :). Conclusion — use very carefully and not to make a move for too long distances.

In General, for the fake GPS in the game is very heavily monitored and punished for the repeated violation may entirely ban your account with all the achievements and pokemon. When you first enter, ban is given about a half hour.

Save charge

Immediately after the game has become an urgent problem of fast battery consumption of smartphones due to Pokemon GO. In order to keep the charge longer use the app Pokemon Lock. It will allow you to run the game directly on the lock screen that will save battery. Requires jailbreak.

But the developers also took care of the players and made the game function to conserve battery power.

Recorded under the account left

From the first days of usage, the developers were accused of tracking Google accounts, which were loginlist players. The creators of course disown it, but trust -1.

To avoid manipulation of your account on the left side, use the application Google Account Fix. With it, you can login under the left accaduta, which will be saved to your device.


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