Wii Sports Resort Cheats for Nintendo Wii

Secret Music

Another very cool and refreshing secret is to find the secret music. When you are flying over a village near hillside in Island Flyover, if you repeat this few times you will get to listen to mario jump and you will see it playing over the soundtrack.

Unlockable: Basket Bike for Cycling

On achieving pro status in the Cycling game, you will be able to unlock the basket bike, you can get into the options to choose a bike and if you press and hold 1 while picking Mii to select a basket bike. This bike is supposed to have a picture of either flowers or a pizza, it totally depends if you Mii is male or female!.

Unlockables In Air Sports

In order to unlock the following items, you would need to successfully complete the corresponding tasks in Air Sports:Island Flyover.

Unlockable Trick to unlock
Lights on at night Successfully acquire 50 i points.
Fly in the evening Successfully score 20 i points.
Double Missle Successfully score 30 i points.
Balloons to pop Successfully score 10 i points.
Fly at night Successfully score 40 i points.
Resort house on private island Successfully score all i points. This achievement is relatively harder.
Two person plane Successfully score 60 i points.
New whale shark design Successfully score 70 i points.

Tip on 100 Pin Bumper Trick

In a 100 Pin bowling games, If you have the ability to throw the ball towards the blue coloured bumper in a way that it travels longer to the point where it finishes, this shall make it smack the switch and also hit down all the pins. To perform this trick successfully, jerk your hand in a proper way and aim towards the targeted bumper, if it stays on the track it would hit on spot.

Secret Items

When you are playing Archery, you can find secret objects which are hidden from normal view. Now if you look up for each hidden item, find and smack them successfully in each difficulty mode, then you will be awarded with a hidden object Stamp.

Golden Ball

This is one sweet trick which can earn you a golden bowling ball, in order to get this ball, when you are displayed with a warning message screen, all you have to do is press and hold the D-Pad and it will send you a Golden Ball.

Easter Egg: Phases of the Moon

There is a small interesting fact regarding this game, the moon phases designed in the game are similar to that of what you actually see during the night time, since the moon cycles in the game matches to that of real moon phases, you might not be able to see them during a time when moon is behind the earth, also you can see the moon in game events such as Archery and Island Flyover.

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